Pandora has a very strong sales arm and follows own structures to bring products into the market. Our focus are 3 main fields at this stage:
• Rescinding of life insurances
We connect our clients through our network with firms enabling the individual client to get their best results rescinding their life insurance.
• Energy cost savings
Through our network we enable clients, companies and corporations to lower their energy costs by pooling requests and reaching out to the energy markets.
• Real estate
Pandora Invest has already strong expertise and experience in the real estate field. Projects in Europe and the Middle East are among some references. Pandora supports real estate projects from a project management and sales perspective.


We support your investment from the beginning to the end. Analyzing your project/asset we evaluate the possibility of the investment, its risks and returns. Services include elements of financial statement analysis, asset selection, plan implementation and ongoing and transparent monitoring of investments


We also offer consultations on your investments. Pandora supports you in the due diligence process as well as meetings for your investment. Our team will accompany you to meetings with your business associates fulfilling all necessary steps in decision making to secure your investment with our legal support partners including all financial matters.


Our support structure is based on trust and we offer to represent our clients and their investments on all necessary levels. As a team of specialists, we fully represent you and we ensure that all is done and decided as per your expectations. Through our internal processes we make sure that no decisions are made without your consideration or confirmation.


The members of our firm have more than 20 years of executive management experience. We support you and your project on an executive level ensuring that all aspects and milestones are on time, on budget and that all risks are carefully calculated. With our experience in business management through different industries and departments, we are able to enhance your ideas with a feasible creativity to achieve a solution applicable to your product and a market. Our focus is not just to develop financial plans but creative business concepts.


Our support includes offering advice on how to turn around your business or help you make better economical decisions for the future. We do a thorough analysis to determine steps in enhancing your business. Some of the tools we use are management review, activity based costing, root failure cause analysis and SWOT analysis. Especially for turnaround Management the right team is of highest importance. Once the financial, management and process evaluation is done we determine where in the market your business should be positioned. We have your team in place for your future success and stability of your business environment.